Simplicity 2444, Dressing Your Truth Type One
Simplicity 2444, Dressing Your Truth Type One
Simplicity 2444, Dressing Your Truth Type One





Simplicity 2444, Dressing Your Truth Type One
Aloha! The mister and I are just back from a holiday in Hawaii, and despite the decidedly dark and gloomy weather here in Vancouver, I’m in a rather glorious, if slightly hazy, bliss. A couple of weeks of uninterrupted do-nothing time apparently has that effect on me.
Ah yes, decadently idle, although one afternoon, while languishing on a chaise lounge, I was inspired to jot out a blog post. The funny thing is, as I look at it now, I’m convinced it’s overly wordy for my current mood. {And to be completely honest, I’m having trouble actually reading my penciled scribble….mawahahaha…} So! I’ve unilaterally decided that fewer words allow for a greater appreciation for a pretty sunset photo!
I shared a brief peak of my dress here, while hinting at a warm weather vacation. And it turned out that my Maui Maxi Dress, made with Simplicity 2444’s bodice and self drafted skirt, was indeed the perfect holiday dress. Talk about easy-peasy; I just added a couple of bracelets and my favourite jelly sandals {shoes optional} and I was good to go. And, my fleeting moment of genius? I shortened the bodice just enough so that the waistline sits above my natural waist. The result? Extra comfort….which really means extra room for Mai Tai’s and macadamia nuts. Mwaahahaha! And…you know?….I didn’t even attempt pattern matching with this wild butterfly print, so I was pretty much gob-smacked when I saw how brilliant the bodice back looks. So. not. planned. Not much else to say except consider me sold on the maxi dress for resort wear. But…but, hang on a sec….I still totally can not imagine myself wearing a long dress or skirt on the rainy streets of Vancouver. I’m not saying never, but….well, I’m just not there yet.

En route to the airport, we squeaked in a quick shopping trip to two Kahului fabric stores…Fabric Mart and Sew Special. Here’s a quick look at what I purchased; left to right: from Fabric Mart, a couple of cotton prints for shirts for the mister and two pieces of swimsuit fabric…one is a pinky coral animal print, and the other is a navy blue and red {not black and orange}, and from Sew Special, the ‘Fun Flops’ print cotton by Loralei Designs.

And last, but not least….I left shortly after my last published post and did not get a chance to reply to your lovely comments. I did read them all though, thank you everyone! One comment in particular gave me a little ah-ha moment….Greetje of No Fear of Fashion, articulated what I was unable to put into words. She suggested I Style it up instead of down perhaps? To create a contrast? People tell me that this usually works: creating a tension by combining opposites.” Makes perfect sense to me, thanks Greetje!
And that’s all she wrote for today…thanks for reading! I’m sure I’ll find masses of work waiting for me at the office Monday, but I will be catching up with you soon! Happy to be linking up with the lovely Patti of Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday!
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