ORANGE :: PINK :: BURDA COAT :: 02/2015 #120


Hey guys {and by guys I mostly mean ladies} …. hope all is well with you! After my last post, I pretty much jumped right into working on my orange and pink coat. Not an expected way to find inspiration, but that’s the cool thing about inspiration..anywhere, anything. Before I forget….a very big thank you for your suggestions on the photography class conundrum!  Your words really helped me sort things out. I realized that I have not one, but two, Craftsy Photography classes sitting in my Craftsy account. And no. They were not just purchased. Errmm…they’ve been languishing there for months. You see, as creative as photography is, it’s as much, or more so, technical in the beginning. Yes? It’s now apparent that self teaching and technical doesn’t work that well for me. I also realized that I quite liked the instructor from last year. She’s retired, alternates between wearing distance glasses and readers, and she teaches with heart. Oh, and she’s quite the brilliant photographer to boot. The loose plan is that I at least review my Craftsy classes over the next few months, and sign up for the spring session providing that the instructor is the same. I did ask about, and was denied, a pro-rated fee last September. I’m sure that won’t have changed. The good news is that I’m confident I’ve forgotten everything I learned in those couple of classes. Yeehaw!

Okay, my coat today is the Burda Double Breasted Coat 02/2015 #120, a recent release from their online site. I was attracted to the silhouette. When it comes to sewing clothing, one has to really imagine how a garment might look on oneself. Garments are modeled on women that are much taller than me {me or I? Visit the Oxford Dictionary here and then tell me}, and I am trying to use discernment when it comes to pattern selection. Although this coat is double breasted, it has minimal embellishment {no collar, sleeve cuffs, or pocket cuffs}. It also has a number of vertical lines. The seaming is very interesting…I know it’s impossible to see, but the back bodice is diamond shaped, and the front bodice pieces are triangular. I’m really pleased with the fit, and I’m looking forward to sewing this pattern again in either striped fabric, or with colour blocking. What say you?

This was my first Burda PDF pattern. I’ve long thought that Burda comes up with really creative fashion designs. I can’t say I like every pattern, but isn’t that kinda the point? They often push the envelope when it comes to style, and I really appreciate that.  But. Oh, you knew there was a but, didn’t you? Sewing Burda patterns can be a bit of a nightmare. At least, they were years ago when I sewed their paper patterns…no doubt you’d find me grumbling, if not sniffling, in a corner. Fast forward to last week….and yes, I had the usual grumbles when it came to assembly, but I am getting much more efficient at the whole thing. Of course, with Burda, you have to add seam allowances.{sigh} And….just so things were a little more interesting, Burda included an additional pattern piece. Huh?  Looks like I have a pattern piece for a collar, if I so choose! The pattern is rated advanced, and yes, I agree. The instructions are a little sketchy, and there are no drawings to assist. The placement lines for the pockets are not in alignment. Whew! Now. Having said all that, the majority of the coat went together beautifully! All my seams lined up, and the set in sleeves were no problem. Seriously, this coat sewed up like a breeze.  I even fancied things up with bound buttonholes from contrasting fabric.

And, can I just ramble a minute about my buttonholes and buttons? Pretty please? That voice inside my head said to do something a little different…so I riffled through my stash not even quite sure what I was looking for. I do love orange paired with blue, and I may or may not have squealed when I matched the blue patterned fabric to the orange and pink. And..well, I think that the blue lining brings it all together. I love the result! And the buttons! I wanted that little extra punch of colour, and I think these do take what could be a ho-hum coat…well, as much as a pink and orange coat can be ho-hum..and elevate it to Sue couture! We, the mister and I, found these at Button Button, a charming little button shop in Vancouver!

PS…this is a complete stash make. The pink and orange fabric has been patiently waiting in the wings for a year or so…I found it in the deep discount bargain department. The blue printed fabric is a fairly recent purchase…I’m thinking of pants…either the Ginger Jeans pattern or my go-to Simplicity 1783. The lining is cotton broadcloth,a thrift store find.

PPS…this is my second Elizabeth Hollick Wall Mural background. See the first one here. Isn’t she awesome! 

Worn with my Ginger Jeans.