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Kalle Shirtdress, Juniper Cardigan, Vancouver Blogger, Vancouver Sewing Blogger, A Colourful Canvas

Hallo. Hallo.

Just throwing together a last minute blog post with decidedly summer related content.

Summer’s last hurrah.

There was some debate between myself and I. Share another cute, but borderline seasonally inappropriate Kalle Shirt Dress? Or…bid a silent adieu to summer and plunge right into autumn/winter makes? If it were 1969, there’d be no question. I was always…always…beyond excited to wear my new winter clothes. Those first days of school? September temps might have reached upwards of eighty degrees, but I was all about wearing the new clothes.

Time. Age. Dare I say wisdom. I now find myself reluctant to let go of summer. With having a past, it’s as though I can see into the future…the shorter days, the longer nights, the rain and snow and cold.  I love all four seasons, but I’m no longer in a hurry to rush towards winter. 

Kalle Shirtdress, Juniper Cardigan, Vancouver Blogger, Vancouver Sewing Blogger, A Colourful Canvas

I’ve been on a bit of a Kalle Shirtdress tear recently. I think nailing the fit is the reason{my high round back, forward sloping shoulders post is here}.  I’m not complaining, but pattern fitting can be hard. And. When I finally got it right…well, it’s been the schtar…the most popular pattern in my sewing room. Just wait…you’ll see…I’ve made not only this blue striped shirt dress, but a couple of Kalle shirts as well.

Earlier this summer I attended a Vancouver fabric swap. Invited by Helen of Helen’s Closet, hosted by Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics and attended by the loveliest group of fabric lovers…it was a huge success from my perspective. I mean, is there anything better than hanging out with like minded souls?

I viewed the fabric swap as the perfect opportunity to let go of fabric that I no longer loved. I fully intended to leave with no fabric {Please stop laughing}. But. Well. You know. Fabric, including this perfect blue and white shirting donated by Michelle, {@meesh.made on Instagram} surreptitiously found it’s way into my bag. Thank you for this piece Meesh…it turned out to be perfect Kalle Shirtdress material.

Kalle Shirtdress, Juniper Cardigan, Vancouver Blogger, Vancouver Sewing Blogger, A Colourful Canvas

Okay…on my way out the door I grabbed a Juniper Cardigan. The intention was to introduce a new to the blog pattern…hopefully to prevent glazed eyes and boredom.

Unfortunately…and I knew this…the silhouette of the sweater doesn’t really work with the dress. It’s a fitted cardie…love…over an unstructured shirtdress…also love. Just not together.  That said, I’m still sharing the pics. ‘So. There.’ I waggle my finger at myself defiantly.

Kalle Shirtdress, Juniper Cardigan, Vancouver Blogger, Vancouver Sewing Blogger, A Colourful Canvas

This is my first attempt at recreating my favourite cotton knit cardigans. Not a complete success. Not a complete fail either. I’ve been reluctant to make my own sweaters…I use the term sweater loosely…but the quality of RTW cotton button up cardigans is becoming abysmal. Am I shopping in the wrong stores, wonders me?

No matter. I’ve decided to try sewing my beloved classic cardie silhouette in jersey knit. Today’s yummy fabric…a dependable Art Gallery floral…is from Thread Count Fabrics.

The fit isn’t perfect. Although I did an FBA, it doesn’t come close to closing. An optimistic assessment? No need to bother with buttons or snaps. Mwaaahahahaha. Things I like about this pattern…the saddle shoulder line, V neck and good instructions. I’ve made the pattern a second time with greater success.

I recently downloaded the Lisbon Cardigan by Itch to Stitch. It’s a cardigan with set in sleeves and more of an Audrey vibe.  It’s in my sewing queue….which isn’t really a queue at all. My new projects are usually determined by pulling out three or four fabrics from my stash and allowing inspiration to lead the way.

All righty peeps. This is a wrap. Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments. Hope to catch up with you again soon. 

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Kalle Shirtdress : : Closet Case Patterns Also seen here and here and here

Juniper Cardigan : : Jennifer Lauren Handmade


  • Reply Louisa September 12, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Hah! You need to learn to KNIT your sweaters, silly! With yarn and needles with 2 points and no eyes. Though I actually believe those two garments go together better than you think. A floral and a stripe in glorious unison – so totally you!

    • Reply Sue September 12, 2018 at 9:54 pm

      My dark little secret? I know how to knit and have knit sweaters and vests years ago. I’m trying very hard to resist picking up knitting needles again. LOL, I never say never though.

      Any tips for controlling tension while knitting? That was always my nemesis. My tension would get tighter and tighter and then I’d correct and it would be too loose. That being said, my makes were pretty cute.

      I too love the stripes and floral together!

  • Reply Patricia Clements September 12, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    Nice cardigan, very nice dress. I’ve been looking at the Kalle shirtdress, but haven’t purchased it yet. Have you seen Silhouette Patterns’ #195 sweater set with B,C, & D cup sizing? I really like Peggy’s patterns.

    • Reply Sue September 12, 2018 at 9:56 pm

      Thank you Patricia! I really appreciate the link to a pattern company that I am not yet familiar with. I will definitely check it out! And how wonderful that there are cup options!

  • Reply Ginny September 13, 2018 at 11:57 am

    I love this outfit Sue! I’ve been very ambivalent about the Kalle shirtdress for me — do not care for the high-low hem and the extended shoulder line type sleeve does me no favors. That said, I am smitten with your Kalle and am rethinking my view of the Kalle! Wonderful fabric choice, yay for the even hem and it goes (to me anyway) delightfully with your floral cardi! Fresh & fun, classy, cool & comfy vibe. I’m going to need to buy the Juniper pattern, I really like the saddle shoulder!

  • Reply coco September 13, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    You look adorable!

  • Reply Shelley@ForestCityFashionista September 16, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Blue and white stripes are so perfectly “Summer”! I like the simple shape of this dress, which allows for a bold pattern.

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